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Education Program
West Sound Wildlife Shelter
Education Program

We believe that with understanding and knowledge, people will learn to appreciate wildlife and their habitat. The Shelter's education program is a critical part of wildlife rehabilitation, and ultimately helps wildlife more than just rehabilitation alone.

Our programs reach out to people of all ages to encourage responsible actions toward wildlife and their habitat, and develop the wildlife stewards of tomorrow. The purpose of these programs is to create a direct connection with wildlife that will help educate the public about protecting wild animals and their habitats, and how to coexist peacefully with the local wildlife. Our adult-oriented programs also provide information and advice about humanely resolving conflicts with nuisance wildlife.

The West Sound Wildlife Shelter has several wildlife ambassadors that help us provide fascinating educational programs to inform the community about wildlife and wildlife issues. Read more about them below!

If you are interested in a program for your group, please contact us at


Educational Presentations
The West Sound Wildlife Shelter provides live animal presentations to civic groups, schools, parks, community centers, and other groups for a nominal fee.

We offer a variety of educational programs that can be done at any public location (private residences not permitted), and can be customized to meet specific needs such as age, interests, and educational curriculum.

We provide live ambassador presentations to civic groups, schools, parks, community centers, and nonprofit organizations for a nominal fee, depending on the type of program you choose.

We offer a variety of educational presentations, all of which are done at a location of your choosing (private residences excluded). Each presentation can be tailored to meet your group's specific educational needs and many of our programs meet K-12 standards.

Our Educational Ambassadors in action!

While the shelter's main focus is the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wildlife, we also have significant interest in community education, whether at the level of an Audubon meeting, a civic club gathering, or one of our fondest forms of outreach, young people. It's a special privilege to bring our education ambassadors to the public, so guests can see the ambassadors more closely, for better insight and appreciation.

The goal of our program is to engage and inspire our community, as well as communicate facts and information about the Shelter and individual ambassadors. Research shows that environmental education can improve up to 70% when people are able to personally appreciate live wildlife.

In addition, it's possible to help with the care and training of our wildlife ambassadors by 'adopting' them. To adopt an ambassador, please click here.

Check our event calendars regularly and follow us on Facebook to see where we'll turn up next and come out to meet the ambassadors!

Schedule a Presentation
To schedule a wildlife presentation, contact us at 206-855-9057, or send an email to to inquire.

Meet Our Wildlife Education Ambassadors!

Remi Remi (aka "Princess"), Turkey Vulture
Injury: Fractured left humerus, ulna, and radius
Cause of injury: Unknown
Arrived: in 2012 from Mission Lake near Shelton, WA
Sex: Female
Pele Pele, American Kestrel
Injury: Fractures of the clavicle, radius and humerus of the right wing
Cause of injury: Unknown
Arrived: in 2013 from a retired educational center in NE Washington State
Sex: Female
Ranger Ranger, Peregrine Falcon
Injury: Fractured left humerus, ulna, and radius
Cause of injury: Unknown
Arrived: in 2014 from Enumclaw, WA
Sex: Male
Oakley Oakley, Barred Owl
Injury: Multiple injuries to her wing
Cause of injury: Unknown, suspect collision
Arrived: 2015 as a transfer from Florida
Sex: Female
Echo, Western Screech Owl
Injury: Non-visual in right eye
Cause of injury: Unknown
Arrived: February 2018
Sex: Female
Scout, Peregrine Falcon
Injury: Coricoid (similar to the human shoulder and collarbone)
Cause of injury: Unknown
Arrived: January 2018
Sex: Male
Lilith, Barred Owl
Injury: Beak deformity
Cause of injury: Congenital
Arrived: August 2017
Sex: Female
Opal, Virginia Opossum
Injury: She had an Injured tail requiring partial amputation of tip of tail.
Cause of injury: Mother was hit by a car, Opal was in the pouch.
Arrived: July 2017
Born: July 2017
Sex: Female


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