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Great gift ideas to support the Shelter
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2019 Calendar: $15 Quantity:
13-month calendar featuring beautiful photos of past patients.
(Will ship after December 15)
(Price includes shipping)

**NOTE: Donors who donated $25 or more during 2018 will automatically receive a calendar. No need to purchase. Use this order form to order additional calendars. Price includes shipping. The cost is $12 if you would like to pick up your calendar at the Shelter.


2018 Limited Edition Ornament: $12 Quantity:
This year's ornament is a beautiful porcelain ornament featuring Pele, an American Kestrel, one of our educational ambassadors.

(Price includes shipping.)


2017 Limited Edition Ornament: $12 Quantity:
The third in a series, this beautiful porcelain ornament features Ranger, a peregrin falcon and one of our educational ambassadors

(Price includes shipping.)


2016 Limited Edition Ornament: $12 Quantity:
The second in a series, this beautiful porcelain ornament features an eastern gray squirrel, one of our past patients.

(Price includes shipping.)


2015 Limited Edition Ornament: $12 Quantity:
The first in a series, this beautiful porcelain ornament features Athena, the barred owl, our very first education ambassador.

(Price includes shipping.)


WindowAlert decals help prevent wild birds from accidently striking windows. Each decal has a special coating that reflects ultraviolet sunlight. This ultraviolet light is invisible to humans, but birds see it as a brilliant glow much like a stoplight.

Window Alert Window Decals Hummingbird: $10

Window Alert Window Decals Leaf Medley: $10

(Price includes shipping.)


Wild Rescues: $15 Quantity:
Can you imagine a hawk falling from the sky and into your mom’s flower garden? Or a duck family that decides to make a swimming pool their pond? Written by former WSWS volunteer Amanda Mander, these and other rescue stories are based on real stories from West Sound Wildlife Shelter. Learn about interesting animal behavior and tips for helping wildlife so that you, too, can become a wildlife rescuer helping humans and animals be good neighbors.

(Price includes shipping. The cost is $12.99 if you would like to pick up at the Shelter)


I Brake For Wildlife Bumper Sticker: $5
Let the people who are driving behind you know that you brake for wildlife with this custom bumper sticker.

(Price includes shipping.)


All I want to do is DRINK WINE and SAVE WILDLIFE

For the wine and wildlife lover, a great gift idea is a t-shirt or hoody. Purchase either (or both!) of these and the Shelter will receive a percentage from each purchase!

T-shirts come in both ladies' and men's sizes, and the hoodies are unisex. They come in a great variety of colors, too! Click on the t-shirt to order on the Teespring website where you can choose your size and color. Item shipped directly from Teespring. Please read shipping information carefully for production and delivery times.

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