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Calling All Kids!  You Can Help Save Wild Lives

ducklingOver the past year, kids have made a huge difference to the wildlife shelter’s success. 

Some have collected money or items in their neighborhoods for our wish list, some have donated money, and some groups have built a wishing well to collect wish list items. We appreciate all of your help!

Here is a list of things you can do – no matter what your age – to help keep wild animals safe:

Pick up litter
•    Food scraps attract wildlife onto the roadways. Do not throw food from your car or drop it on the street.
•    Pick up broken fishing line and broken kite string.  Birds can get tangled up in the line.
•    Lower soccer & volleyball nets after each use and remove them during the off-season so birds don’t run into them.

Do not harass or disturb wild animals
•    Always leave bird nests where they are.

baby birdsLeave baby animals in the wild
•    Even if a baby animal looks abandoned, its parents are probably nearby.  For example, deer, seals, and rabbits leave their babies for long periods and then come back to get them.
•    If you find a baby bird on the ground, have an adult help you return it to the nest or to a nearby protected area.
•    If you find a baby that cannot be returned, contact the nearest wildlife rehabilitator. (Call the wildlife shelter at 206-855-9057.)

Share these tips with your friends!  By passing along good wildlife information, you too can become a wildlife steward.

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