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Seal Success Story!

seal pupOver the summer, West Sound Wildlife’s Lynne Weber, our rehabilitation specialist, received a call from a resident who lived on the shore of the Hood canal.  A seal pup that was stranded and possibly injured had been down the beach from their house for two days. 

The beach was impossible to get to on foot or by car, so - after getting permission from NOAH Fisheries - Lynne's husband Steve performed a daring kayak rescue of the pup.

Lynne and Steve got the pup to safety and arranged to transfer it to a sister rehabilitation facility. Wolf Hollow is one of only two centers with a license to raise marine mammal pups in Washington state. At Wolf Hollow, the pup could be cared for until it became old enough to survive in the wild.

Jump forward to November of the same year....
We recently learned that the seal has been tagged and released!  It is one of a group of seals that were released in the San Juan Islands – a group that is going to be tracked to see how rehabilitated seals do in the wild.  We wish you the best of luck, little seal!

Photo: Steve Weber

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