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Living with Wildlife

Of particular interest during summer:
Fireworks and Wildlife
What to Do if You Find a Baby Animal
Learn about Coyotes
How to Handle Raccoon Issues

An important part of our mission is helping humans live in harmony with wildlife. This includes providing information about safe and enriching ways to interact with wildlife and ways to avoid wildlife-borne diseases as well as stories about some of our recent patients.

Please explore the links at the right-hand side of this page and learn more about wildlife and wildlife care.

These and other wildlife rehabilitation stories are part of the Shelter's periodic newsletter. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please consider donating to the shelter.
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Educational Presentations
Another way in which we fulfill our educational mission is by providing live-animal presentations. For instance, we've given presentations to classrooms, Rotary clubs, and other non-profit organizations. Learn more about our education programs or call 206.855.9057 to arrange a presentation.

Saving Wild Lives
Read about some of our recent recovery stories below in our Fall 2018 Newsletter
Read past issues of Saving Wild Lives on our archives page.

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Issues with Raccoons
Fireworks and Wildlife
Bird Feeding
Holiday Decorations that Help Wildlife
What to Do If a Bird Hits Your Window
Coexisting with Coyotes (PDF)
Living in Harmony with Wildlife
Coexisting with Racoons
Rabies - What You Should Know
If You Find a Baby Animal
If You Find a Baby Bird
If You Find a Baby Mammal
Helping Children Explore Nature
Avoiding Conflicts with Coyotes
Kids Can Help Save Wild Lives
Winter Wildlife Viewing
West Nile Virus
What Are the Deer Doing?
Wildlife and Cold Weather
Spotlight on Hawks
Hiking Safety - Bears

Special Patients, Special Treatment
Babies, Babies, Babies!
Spotlight on Owls
Spotlight on River Otters
Spotlight on Coyotes
Spotlight on Black Bears
Spotlight on Bald Eagles
Spotlight on Barred Owls

What Do Our Patients Eat?

Wide World of Turtles
Cold Weather Survivalists
Fireworks and Wildlife
Spotlight on Peregrine Falcons
Get to Know Our Native Red Fox

All About Robins
Seal Success Story
All About Squirrels
Is it a Squirrel or a Chipmunk?
How Kids Can Help Wildlife

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