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Wildlife Education Programs

Welcome to West Sound Wildlife Shelter, where we invite you into the fascinating world of wildlife! Our live animal education programs are designed to immerse you in the natural history of various species, emphasizing wildlife conservation and the art of coexisting harmoniously with our animal neighbors. During these programs, our experienced handlers will take you on an exploration of the ambassador bird’s anatomy, habitat, diet, and behavior, providing a pertinent information. There’s no better way to deepen your understanding of the incredible wildlife that share our outdoor environment. Join us, ask questions, and let the wonders of wildlife come to life before your eyes!

We offer four different types of programs. Please read through the descriptions of each to decide which program is right for you!

Classroom/Presentation Style

ClassroomThis engaging experience involves a presentation lasting 30 minutes to an hour at a chosen venue within Kitsap County. In the case of an outdoor setting, organizers are kindly requested to provide an open-sided pop-up tent or covered area for both handlers and wildlife. Up to 100 attendees will have the opportunity to learn about 2 to 3 of our ambassador birds, delving into insightful information about each and their respective species. Time will be allocated for questions, making it an enriching experience for participants. Participants should be 5 years or older.

Price: $250 (limited to Kitsap County)


ZoomOur virtual program offers the opportunity for individuals outside of Kitsap County to interact with our ambassador birds. The session is limited to one hour, and while there is no maximum attendee capacity, the availability for questions may be constrained in larger groups. The Zoom link will be provided to the designated point of contact, who is responsible for sharing it with other participants. During the session, attendees will have the chance to meet 2 to 3 ambassador birds on the glove. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to observe ambassadors that do not leave the property, such as an American Crow, a Band-Tailed Pigeon, and a Rock Pigeon.

Price: $150


For larger events, ambassador birds can engage for 2-3 hours, showcasing 3-4 birds. This style is ideal for fairs, festivals, and weddings. Attendees typically have the opportunity to freely roam, engage with handlers, and meet ambassador birds at their convenience. West Sound will supply a table, donation box, QR code, flyers, and other promotional materials, along with all necessary display information to promote West Sound Wildlife. For further event details, please reach out to Ariana.

Price: $500 (limited to Kitsap County)


OnsiteJoin us at West Sound Wildlife Shelter for our monthly onsite programs! The sign-up sheet becomes available on the 1st of each month, but hurry – onsite programs have a limited capacity of 15 people. Dress appropriately for the predominantly outdoor setting where you’ll have the unique opportunity to encounter 6-8 of our ambassador birds. Feel free to engage with our experts and ask questions during this immersive experience, which typically lasts between one to one and a half hours. Don’t miss this chance to connect with nature and wildlife!

Price: $25 per person OR $350 for a private program

Program Rules and Restrictions :

  1. Please respect handlers wishes. They are there to educate everyone and keep the ambassadors and audience safe.
  2. Respect the animals. During presentations and events please speak softly, move slowly and do not approach birds quickly.
  3. Programs are restricted to daylight hours and Kitsap County.
  4. Payment is due day of, check, cash or online. Our W-9 is attached below.

To learn more or request one of our education programs, please fill out the Program Request form and email to Ariana Newton.

Educational Ambassadors

WSWS Cyclops

Band-tailed pigeon


Western screech owl

WSWS Mariah

Red-tailed hawk

WSWS Oakley

Barred owl


Ameriacn crow

WSWS- Remi

Turkey vulture

WSWS Rocky

Rock pigeon

WSWS Scout

Peregrine falcone

WSWS Tuklus

Great-horned owl