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While mother’s devotion might get more attention, many fathers also do their fair share of raising young. Just Dads is a unique gift book that combines engaging and interesting male animal parenting photographs with insightful fatherhood quotations. Along with the quotations are intriguing facts about the paternal care many species provide, including the emperor penguin father who carries the egg on his feet for three months without eating, the male marine catfish that opens his mouth when danger threatens so the youngsters can dash in to safety, and the male titis monkeys that “babysit” the young in the forest canopy, freeing up the females to travel ahead and eat their fill. The delightful images combined with the insightful quotations bring an engaging new perspective to the role of fatherhood, both animal and humankind.

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“Just Dads” brings an appealing new viewpoint to the role of fatherhood in both people and animals. — Honolulu Star Bulletin, June 16, 2002

A superb giftbook for Father’s Day, “Just Dads” makes for heartwarming, highly recommended browsing. — Wisconsin Bookwatch, July 2002

From the Author

Good dads don’’t get enough credit. Even great dads often go unheralded. While researching quotations for this book, I was surprised by the plentiful supply of derisive quotes you can find in the Fatherhood section of quotation dictionaries, especially compared to the small number of accolades. You would never see a feminine version of ” It is seldom a misfortune to be fatherless . . .” in the Motherhood section of any book!When my father died ten years ago, it was certainly a misfortune. How often I’’ve shared my joys with him and asked him for advice, as if he were still here. How often I’’ve wished that he were. I’’d so love to give him this book.

“Just Dads” may poke a little fun at the challenges dads encounter getting us raised, but the book is a thoroughly positive tribute to him. I looked long, hard, far and wide to assemble this collection of quotations. I searched even harder to find wildlife father-and-child photos, and I think the dads who receive this book will enjoy reading quotes like: ” Fatherhood is the single most creative, complicated, fulfilling, frustrating, engrossing, enriching, depleting endeavor of a man’s adult life” and ” Every day of my life has been a gift from him.”

About the Author

Bonnie Louise Kuchler is the author of 26 gift books, with over 365,000 copies sold. Bestsellers include  Just Sisters,  Just Girlfriends,  Retirement Is a Full-time Job, and  One Heart.  She and her husband live on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, where wildlife mosey, mountains touch the sea, and ancient trees breathe.  A quenchless nature lover and gardener, Bonnie’s biggest thoughts come from tiny seedlings and towering evergreens.

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