Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest


Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest is all about coexisting with the animals commonly found in gardens, ponds, attics, crawl spaces, and other places where humans and wildlife cross paths throughout Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

From bats to woodpeckers, sixty-eight species are described here, with details about feeding and mating habits, family structures, and life cycles. Living with Wildlife explains how to attract animals; how to spot their presence by identifying tracks, droppings, and other signs; and how and where to safely view them.

Focusing on the species that provoke the most calls to wildlife agencies and nonprofit groups, the book provides detailed information on how to prevent and solve conflicts with wildlife.

This book is a valuable reference for homeowners, property owners, and property managers; habitat restoration professionals; the wildlife control industry; and private and nonprofit wildlife groups. It can also be used in horticulture and urban wildlife management courses.

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“Mentioned in Martha Stewart Living, a nationally syndicated column”―Martha Stewart Living

“Link does a tremendous job of distilling the most important information and presenting it in a highly accessible format. The result is a valuable reference for those seeking to understand, and to act upon, the ways that wild animals inabit the places that we call home.”―BC Studies

Book Description

A guide to coexisting with the animals commonly found in backyards and attics throughout the Pacific Northwest

About the Author

Russell Link is an urban wildlife biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. He is the author of the very popular Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest.