Onyx: American Crow

Onyx is an adult American crow. She was brought to the shelter after being kept illegally by a person who found her as an injured fledging. Because she was kept by humans at a young age, she is habituated and no longer fears humans. Onyx, as a habituated wild animal, is not suitable for release into the wild because she would be dependent on humans. Luckily, we were able to offer Onyx a forever home in our education program. Onyx likes shiny objects – like any crow – and likes to stash her treasures throughout her enclosure. Her favorite treats are peanuts, mealworms, and mice. She is quite the character and likes to play games with many of her keepers. She has several different calls and mimics nearby bird songs!

Your donation of $10.00, $25.00, or more will ensure the continuance of West Sound Wildlife Shelter’s ambassador program.

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