Tuklus: Great-Horned Owl

Tuklus is an adult male great-horned owl. He was rescued by the Raindancer Wildbird Rescue, where he was initially treated for a wing fracture after falling from the nest. The fall had shattered several bones in his wing tip, which required a partial amputation. Because his is missing a portion of his wing, he could not fly and cannot be released to the wild. We were happy to be able to offer him a second chance at life in our education program. Tuklus means “owl” in Lushootseed, the language of the indigenous people of the Puget Sound. Tuklus enjoys watching small birds and squirrels on his outings around the property.

Your donation of $10.00, $25.00, or more will ensure the continuance of West Sound Wildlife Shelter’s ambassador program.

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